Clintondale High School

Changing education, one class, one student at a time

Flipped School Model of Instruction

Our students receive their teacher’s lectures at home and do their homework in class. Our students work side-by-side with our expert staff. One-on-one time with students is up four times over years past, test scores are up and our students are more engaged. We are “flipped out” over our fabulous results and are extremely committed to ensure that all of our students and their families get the very best we have to offer. More details

Learning how to make money with Forex

There is a good opportunity for people to make money with Forex. This is not exclusive to adults. Also young people of legal age can trade online with online brokers with low fees. That’s why we teach our pupils to learn how to trade Forex and earn money with it. So check out our classes on that topic.

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin has been around here for more than a decade. It is traded widely in countries where cryptocurrency trading is legalized. The evolution of trading bots had brought in a lot of changes in the way how Bitcoin is traded traditionally. The Bitcoin bots such as Bitcoin Loophole help the traders trade crypto without their direct involvement. Go through this Bitcoin loophole review to learn more about the bot and also to create a trading account with it.

Our Students

Our students come from all over the Metropolitan Detroit area to our School of Choice district. They choose us because of the support that our unique high school flip environment provides.

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Our Technology

Our Flipped School Model of Instruction is centered around our lessons using the following technologies:
  • Camtasia Relay
  • Wacom displays and tablets
  • Dell laptops
  • More details

Our Faculty

Our teachers do not spend a lot of time on classroom lectures. Class time is spent developing critical analysis and higher-order thinking skills. Our faculty are not only experts in their field, but exceptional facilitators. Our faculty assess the needs of each student through personal conversations and assessment tools, then we are able to create a personalized learning experience.