Clintondale High School

Changing education, one class, one student at a time

About Us

Schools don’t simply offer information. They offer a warm place, advanced technologies, caring and devoted staff, as well as experts who are committed to advancing their student’s skills.

Our students don’t need additional lecture time in the classroom. Our classroom concept is built around the idea that our teachers, using the latest learning solutions, can provide our students recorded lectures at home for them to view 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This reverse “flipped” instructional process enables our students to maximize their time in class thus engaging in activities that drive learning. No more wasted time at home pouring through mountains of classroom content. Content is now covered in class.

You can hear an assortment of instructional lectures through videos and recording links.

Our lectures are e-mailed directly to our students so that we have our “best” lecturer of each content area and specific strategy in front of our students at all times. Missed class? Don’t worry.. our lectures are recorded so our students don’t miss a thing. Quiet student? Don’t fret, we maximize our classroom technologies for our students to engage with their teacher and classmates in a stress-free environment. As a student of ours, you are receiving the very best we have to offer.