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Algebra 1 – First Semester

1-1 Algebraic Expressions (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-1 Variables and Expressions (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-3 Order of Operations (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-6B Identity and Equality Properties (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-6 Identity and Equality properties (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-7B Distributive Property (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-7 Distributive Property (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-8 Commutative and Associative Properties (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
1-9 A Preview of Graphs and Functions (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
3-1 Solving one step using addition and subtraction (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
3-2 Solving One Step Equations Using Multiplication and Division (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
3-3 Solving Multi-Step Equations (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
3-6 Solving Equations and Formulas (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
5-1 Graphing ordered pairs on Cartesian Plane (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
6-1A slope and r value (more practice) (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
6-1 Finding Slope (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
6-4A Slope-intercept form (more practice) (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
6-5 Graphing Linear Functions (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
6-5 Slope-intercept form (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
7-2 Solving Inequalities using multiplication and division (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
7-3 Solving multi-step inequalities (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Prealgebra INTEGERS (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Prealgebra PEMDAS and evaluating expressions (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Solving equations with variables on both sides (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)