Clintondale High School

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Physical Science – Second Semester

14-1 Work and Power P4.1 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
14-2+3 Work and Machines P4.1 (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
14-23 Work and Machines P4.1 (Web)
14-4 Simple Machines P4.1 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
15-1 Energy and its forms P4.3 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
15-2 Energy Conversion and Conservation P4.2 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
15-3 energy resources P4.2 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
17-1 mechanical waves P4.4 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
17-2 Properties of Mechanical Waves P4.4 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
17-3 behavior of waves P4.8 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
17-4 sound and hearing P4.5 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
18-1 Electromagnetic Waves P4.8 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
18-2 Electromagnetic Spectrum P8.4 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
18-3 Behavior of Light P4.9 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
18-4+5 Sources of Light and Color P4.9 (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
18-45 Sources of Light and Color P4.9 (Web)
20-1 electric charge and static electricity P3.7 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
20-2 electric current and Ohm’s Law P4.10 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
20-3 Electric Circuits P4.10 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
20-4 Electronic Devices P4.2 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
20 math practice (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
22-1 Earth’s Structure E2.1 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
22-2 Minerals E3.1 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
22-3 rock cycle E3.1 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
22-4 Earthquakes E3.4 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
22-4 Theory of Plate Tectonics E3.3 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
22-6 Volcanoes (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
22-6 Volcanoes E3.4 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
23-1 Freshwater E4.1 (Web) (Web) (iPad) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile) (iPod/Mobile)
23-2 Weathering and mass movements E4.1 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
23-3 Water Shapes the Land (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
23-4 Glaciers and Wind Erosion (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
23-5 Oceans (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
23-6 Earth’s History (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
24-1 atmosphere (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
24-2 sun and the seasons (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
24-3 solar energy and wind (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
24-4 water in the atmosphere (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
24-5II weather patterns (Web) (mp4) (mp4) (mp4)
24-5I weather patterns (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
24-6 weather prediction (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
24-7 Climate (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
26-1 The Sun (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
26-2 characteristics of stars (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
26-3 evolution of a star (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
26-4 groups of stars (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
26-5 Expanding Universt (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)