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Class Content

6-1 Molecular and Ionic Compounds (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chap 6-3 and 6-4 Naming ionic cpds review (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chap 6-4 Naming ionic cpds 2 (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chap 6-5 Naming Molecular Compounds (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chap 7-1 Mass of a mole of element and compound (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chap 7-1 Number of particles in a mole (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chap 7-1 What is a mole (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chap 7-2 Volume of a mole of gas (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 2.3 symbols and formula (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 2.4 chemical reactions (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 3-1 scientific measurements (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 3-2 Uncertainty of measurements (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 3-3 metric system (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 3-4 density and specific gravity (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 3-5 Temperature (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 5-1 Early theories of the atom (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 5-2 structure of the atom (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 5-3 P,N,E (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 5-3 PNE (Web)
Chapter 5-4 Periodic table arrangement (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 6-2 Representing Chemical Compounds (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 6-3 ionic charges (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Chapter 6-4 Formula writing from names ionic (Web) (Web) (iPad) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile) (iPod/Mobile)
Chemistry Far and Wide (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Mixtures classify and separate (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Properties of Matter States of Matter (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Scientific Method (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Significant digits (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
Temperature (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)
What is chemistry (Web) (iPad) (iPod/Mobile)